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Springfield Armory Standard Stainless Review
Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory Standard Stainless Review

Springfield Armory Standard Stainless 1911

The first 1911 I ever bought was a standard stainless-steel Springfield 1911. I really like this gun a lot. The slide to frame fit was, and still is, perfect. There is no play in it at all. And, the finish that came with the gun was great. I have had this pistol for about a 2 years now, and I have never had a single jam in it.

I had Trijicon night nights put on the pistol because I wasn't a big fan of the sites that came with the gun, and it really made the pistol more accurate. I also had the stock trigger replaced with a skeletonized one (this was for cosmetic reasons) and a full length guide-rod added. These 3 things were done within a week or 2 of the initial purchase.

About a year later, while making the mistake of cleaning the pistol on a really windy day at the range, however (after shooting), I dropped the slide on the ground and cracked the front site. So, I decided to get the sites replaced (the front night site wouldn't glow anymore). I also wanted the gun refinished from wear and tear, so I got it hard chromed. And, after seeing a picture of another pistol, I had the trigger replaced once again with a McKormick trigger. These 3 things were completed at the Springfield Armory custom shop.

They (the custom shop) claim that it will take about 12 weeks before they can get to the gun because they are pretty backed up, but I must say that from the time I sent the pistol off, it was 6 months later when I finally received it back. I can tell you that I wasn't too happy about that. And, there were a few minor mess-ups in the hard chroming. So, that's why I added the wrap-around grips (to cover the flaws).

All in all, the pistol is wonderful. I would definitely buy another one. But, I cannot recommend the custom shop if you already own a Springfield and want to get some work done on it.

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