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Springfield Armory PDP Defender Review
Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory PDP Defender Review

Springfield PDP Defender

My second 1911 is a Springfield PDP Defender 1911. It's got a 4 inch barrel with a compensator attached to it (the barrel is 4 inches BEFORE the comp), but when the total length is measure, it's actually a little longer than a standard Government model. Anyway, while my other 1911 was my favorite gun for the longest, after the past 2 trips out to the range with this pistol, it has now become my favorite (it's true that I keep getting better, but still).

Because of the comp, disassembly of this pistol is a little strange. But, once you get used to it, it's a lot easier than an average Government model. You need a tiny piece of a paper clip to go inside of a hole on the guide rod, but after that, the spring is held captive and disassembly is a breeze (no more fighting with the spring).

The finish on this gun is a stainless frame (while I'm not hugely up on 1911 statistics, I was told that the frame is a "national match" frame), and the slide, magazine release button, and grip safety are all blue steel. The result is a pretty nice looking weapon.

As I mentioned above, it's very accurate. The slide to frame fit isn't as tight as my other gun, but with the end result, it doesn't matter.

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