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Wilson KZ 45 1911 Review
Wilson Combat
Scott Smith

Wilson KZ-45 Review

Wilson KZ 45 1911

Rumors had been floating around and a prototype of the Wilson KZ 45 was at the 1999 SHOT Show, but it was slow to materialize. Problems with magazine quality and availability, design changes; etc. This persisted until late in 2000 and it hit the market. Shooters at the 2000IDPA Nationals got to fondle and shoot the KZ45.

Was it worth the weight, oh yeah! Designed from the ground up as a polymer framed 10 round 1911, Wilson Combat did a fine job putting this together. With standard features from Wilson, great sights, excellent trigger, extended safety, posi-grip safety, and of course superior reliability and accuracy. A major addition is the Wilson external extractor, a la shades of a Glock extractor, for consistent extractor tension and reliability.

Wilson's brought out a supply of bullets for shooters to test out the KZ. Test it they did for two days at lunch time. Late on the second day with several hundred plus through and no cleanings, the KZ was running strong. It was point of aim accurate right from the table.

The KZ would be a great choice for IDPA, have to download to 8+1 for CDP, USPSA Limited 10, or daily carry. It shoots well, is reliable, and has the Wilson name on it and backing behind it; what more could you ask for. Check out the Wilson Web site for more specs and details, www.wilsoncombat.com

-Scott Smith
1911Forum.com Member