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Welcome to the forum! Introduce yourself to the community here.
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General Gun Discussion

Discuss non-1911 firearms and 1911 related questions that DO NOT fit well in the other forums. Absolutely NO content that isn't gun-related.
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Second Amendment News ONLY

Talk about issues relating to the Second Amendment. Do NOT reproduce copyrighted material (text, images, or otherwise) on the forum. Only links to the original source are allowed!
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COVID-19 Discussions

Want to discuss COVID-19? This is the place....
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Range Reports

Post firearm range reports here. Discuss recent range visits (good or bad); plan a 1911 get together or inform everybody about an upcoming gun show.
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Disaster Preparedness

A place to discuss disaster preparedness or other readiness topics. This is NOT a conspiracy sub-forum. No zombie talk and no black helicopters please. Keep it relevant, informative and real.
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Safes and Storage

Discuss safes, residential security containers, nightstand/vehicle lock boxes, pistol/rifle case customization, gun locks and various methods of securing firearms for quick access.
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Hardware & Accessories

Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting

Talk about custom parts, gunsmithing, maintenance, and troubleshooting for the 1911.Dedicated to the late Brian Bilby, who devoted so much time and knowledge to this forum. Thanks Brian.1911Forum cannot verify and is not responsible for the accuracy of any data posted!
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Parts and Accessories Bin

Discuss magazines, grips, sights, parts and other accessories for your 1911.
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Kydex and Leather Gear

Holsters, magazine carriers, belts, etc. Talk about them here.Dedicated to the late Lou Alessi, a devoted leather craftsman and an all around gentleman. We miss you Lou.
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Ammo Can

Discuss ammunition-related topics for your 1911 pistol.
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Reloading Bench

Got a favorite recipe, question about handloading or bullet casting? Discuss it here.1911Forum cannot verify and is not responsible for the accuracy of any data posted!
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Competitive Shooting

Talk about competitive shooting sports and event schedules.In memory of John Forsyth who shared his knowledge and experience of the Competitive Shooting world with us for many years. Thank you John...RIP brother.
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Tactics & Personal Defense

Discuss personal defense, CCW and tactical issues here.
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Training Talk & Events

Do you know of an upcoming training session? Do you have feedback from a recent training experience? Share the wealth and post it here.
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The Armed Citizen

Discuss situations in which armed citizens defensively used a firearm to save life or limb.
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LEO Duty

The 1911 in law enforcement duty. .Dedicated to the late Roger Shambaugh, a devoted lawman, patriot and a fine gentleman. RIP Roger
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Member's Market

Want to Sell/Trade (WTS/WTT)

Absolutely NO guns can be listed for sale. Posts listing guns for sale will be immediately deleted. All local, state, and FFL regulations apply. Must have 45 posts to list an item. Anyone may reply
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Want to Buy (WTB)

Absolutely NO posts seeking firearms. No WTS or WTT posts. All local, state, and FFL regulations apply. Must have 45 posts to list an item.
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Sponsor's Market

Vendor Deals

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Merchant Deals & News

Read only forum for product announcements and deals from our advertisers.
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Other Firearms & Tools

Blade Forum

Are you a knife nut? Then this forum is for you!
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Discussion around rimfire firearms and/or rimfire conversions, ammo and the care and feeding thereof!
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General Rifles and Shotguns

From M1 Garands to Benelli shotguns, this forum is for the long arms enthusiast.
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Discussion of the Stoner designed AR pattern rifles (to include pistols), mods, accessories, etc...this is not the place to discuss other rifles. AR aficionados, this is your place!
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Browning Hi-Power

Discuss John Browning's other classic here.Dedicated to Stephen A. Camp who shared his knowledge and passion of Hi-Powers with the forum for so many years. Thanks Stephen
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Discuss your favorite wheelguns here.
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1911 Manufacturers

Alchemy Custom

Discuss Alchemy Custom products and services
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Caspian Arms

Discuss Caspian Arms products here.
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Discuss Colt products and accessories.
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Dan Wesson

Discuss Dan Wesson products and accessories. Dedicated to the late Noklue3 "Art" 1911Forum Admin. He helped guide the forum for many years and to keep it a safe place to hang your hat. We'll miss you brother. USMC 1968-1972, Semper Fidelis!!! Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are!
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Ed Brown

Discuss Ed Brown products and accessories.Dedicated to Jim Flavin (JimF4M1s), US Navy Assault Craft Unit 1, Vietnam Veteran 1968 - 1970. Devoted family man, friend, forum supporter, and Ed Brown enthusiast - your presence will be sorely missed. RIP sailor!
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Fusion Firearms

Discuss Fusion Firearms products and accessories.
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Guncrafter Industries

Discuss the Guncrafter Industries products and accessories.
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Discuss Kimber products and accessories. Dedicated to the late Mark Pascoo (Kruzr), a passionate Kimber enthusiast and longtime contributor to the forum. RIP Mark.
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Les Baer

Discuss Les Baer products and accessories.
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Discuss Nighthawk products and accessories.
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Para USA

Discuss Para Ordnance products and accessories.
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Discuss Remington (modern not vintage)1911s
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Rock Island Armory

Discuss the Armscor line of 1911 firearms and accessories.
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Discuss the Ruger 1911
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Sig Sauer

Discuss the Sig Sauer line of 1911 firearms and accessories.
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Smith & Wesson

Discuss S&W's new line of 1911's.
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Springfield Armory

Discuss Springfield Armory products and accessories.
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Discuss STI/SVI products and accessories.
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Discuss the Taurus line of 1911 firearms and accessories.
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USGI/Foreign Military and other Vintage 1911s

Discuss US Surplus, Foreign Military Issued and other Vintage 1911's.
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Wilson Combat

Discuss Wilson Combat products and accessories. Dedicated to the late "Army Chief", a devoted husband, patriot, Soldier/Aviator and an extraordinary moderator of this forum. You are missed AC. Carry on sir!! RIP Chuck.
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Other 1911's

Discuss other popular 1911 manufacturers not listed..In memory of Jim Vollink who shared his vast knowledge, experience and dedication to all things gun related. A retired LEO who fought a long battle with illness, but maintained a love for this Forum and its members. We miss you greatly Jim. Thanks for the mentoring. RIP.
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Site Questions & Suggestions

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  1. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Looking for a nice pair of 28-row grips. I have a 1st year .38 Super that needs new shoes. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a pair of grips like the ones pictured. Thanks.
  3. Looking for a Heinie rear for Springfield RO Target.
  4. I have several 4 die sets, been trouble free for years until broke the 9 mm de-capper pin resizing die this morning. The lock nut on the other end had seized so unable to loosen/remove the nut. Those that use Lee carbide resizing dies what's the best method to lock the spindle nut so its doesn't...
  5. Not really much doing around this time .. would really like to reload my own ammo.. would be really nice a quick tutorial from the experts exact stuff equipment required ??? Thanks in advance !!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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