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Garrett Industries

Custom Holsters and Tactical Gear for Duty, Defense, Concealment and Competition at www.giholsters.com
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Morpheus Fine Watches

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Legacy Collectibles

At Legacy Collectibles we are collectors who specialize in investment grade handguns and we are expanding our inventory to other collectibles www.legacy-collectibles.com
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Accuracy X

The X Series™ 1911s and rifles from Accuracy X, Inc. represents the pinnacle of custom firearm performance and reliability. Our tactical and defense models are unrivaled in durability and accuracy. Our elite competition models are proven championship winners: http://www.accuracyx.com
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Cabot Guns

Luxury 1911s made from American Steel with American Pride. Cabot Guns delivers its owners a luxury 1911 handgun that is 100% American made www.cabotguns.com
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Browse our ready to ship inventory of 1911 pistols from top brands including Les Baer, Ed Brown and Wilson Combat at www.1911customsolutions.com
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Evolution Gun Works

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Nighthawk Custom

Nighthawk Custom is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality 1911s. Our firearms are custom built by highly skilled gunsmiths with decades of experience, using only the finest parts available at www.nighthawkcustom.com.
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Remsport is an aftermarket and OE manufacturer of components for many firearm platforms. While our primary focus is pistol barrels, we manufacture many components for both pistol and rifle platforms. http://remsportmfg.com
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Tucker Gunleather

Tucker Gun Leather, Concealed Carry Holsters for CCW. www.tuckergunleather.com
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