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Issues Standard Remington 1911R1, magazines????

Hello 1911 people!!!
After a range day, and after cleaning my Remington 1911R1:
As I had said before, the pistol is very accurate (2 to 3inches groups 25yds), when I do my part. My eyes are not the ones I used to have at 20, but I try to see very clear the front post and the rear sight, giving up "clear view" on the target.
I had a rate of 4% FTF issues today at the range, ammo was Magtech factory load 230grains FMJ (I shot 25 Magtech). With Winchester white box 230grains FMJ and FM (Fabricaciones Militares) 230grains ball ammo FMJ the issues didīnt show up!!!!
I shot a total of 50 factory rounds fired, my gun has now 269 rounds through it, bought it new in Dicember 2015, I think it is still in "breaking in" period????
The FTF happened with the 2 original supplied magazines from Remington (7 rounds each) and always in the sixth round before the seventh, the issue is FTF the sixth round in the chamber, it happens when the seventh round is coming out from thre magazine and pushes up the sixth round up that is trying to get in the barrel chamber.
I will apreciate some experienced 1911 member advice!!!.....Alternative magazines?????......
Best Regards
Roberto Renauld
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