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Originally Posted by robertorenauld52 View Post
By the way I have some "Sistema Colt Model 1927" GI issue 7 rounds magazine that may fit in the Remington R1?????..
yes they will

and always in the sixth round before the seventh, the issue is FTF the sixth round in the chamber, it happens when the seventh round is coming out from thre magazine and pushes up the sixth round up that is trying to get in the barrel chamber.
sounds like an inertia feed .
last rnd is slipping out of the mag before it should

..interesting it happens with Magtec only

Don't know who makes Rem's mags.
If they're 7 rnd mags, I'm going to "guess" they're Checkmate made with hybrid feed lips .
and inertia feeds aren't uncommon with them from my experience

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