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      Today was gelatin block making day. Roughly 6.25gal of 9% gelatin. The recipe is ez (see below).

      Sun may be the day, Mon looking better due to weather.

      I thought this would be easier than said, my checklist is 15 crucial items long to get the data wanted. Nonetheless still fun.

      10% gelatin recipe (fits the HF ammo box #61451):
      • 13.5cup water (purified water makes better gelatin)
      • 10.9oz of beef gelatin (see below for gelatin link) (** use 12.4oz gelatin for 10% by weight mixture **)
      • 1/8 teaspoon of citric acid (see notes below)
      • 1/16 teaspoon sorbic acid (see notes below)
      • 1-3 drops of cinnamon oil (see notes below)
      • Digital measuring kitchen scale
      • Digital cooking thermometer
      • Large whisk
      • Large pot
      • 2-2.5hrs of time to do recipe six times

      1. I use filtered hot tap water (my house water has filters and water softener)
      2. Put all the water in big pot
      3. Turn heat on about 1/4 hi
      4. Slowly whisk in the acids
      5. Weigh out the gelatin powder, I did mine in two steps
      6. Slowly dump in gelatin while whisking well, mix in all the powder
      7. Keep whisking back and forth, change directions, etc. I do a rigorous whisking here
      8. Surface will foam some, do not worry about this
      9. With a good thermometer measure the temp while slowly whisking
      10. At about 132F place 1-3 drops of cinnamon oil on surface
      11. Slowly whisk around the oil, the foam will die down
      12. Whisk slowly the whole thing
      13. Skim excess foam as needed
      14. Keep whisking slowly, measure temp, turn heat off at 140F
      15. Prep your container with oil, I use olive oil grill spray, you do not need a lot, just a thin coat will do
      16. If you are making more than one block then transfer the gelatin to container, repeat recipe
      17. If making just one block you can let gelatin cool for about ~30min before transferring to container
      18. Let gelatin cool at room temp for 1-2hrs
      19. Put container of gelatin in fridge for 2day(min)
      20. To release gelatin from the mold I drill a small hole in bottom, same diameter as air duster nozzle, then short burst some air into the hole, the block will release out
      21. You can then wrap the block in saran wrap for later use, or keep it in the mold until ready for use
      22. Shoot the block (the blocks are small, so I only shoot one shot per block

      The acids are food grade powders. The sorbic acid I use is marketed for makeup makers (bought from amzon). The acids are preservatives, prevents the nasty stuff from growing in the gelatin, you can then re-use the gelatin if desired.

      The beef gelatin I use is from azure, I buy two 5lb bags at a time, but 5lb is enough for six+ blocks. To re-use the containers after making the 1st hole, just wipe the hole clean and dry on inside and then add a small button of silicone over the hole, let that dry 1hr(min) before using again.

      Do not get wet gelatin powder all over, it makes a sticky mess if you do.
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      I saw them today......i bought two
      They're the same plastic ammo boxes sold under different brand names and colors, (MTM, Cabelas, Win, WalMart, etc) of which i have a bunch for bulk reloads.

      they're good to go, but if loading full of loose 45 cal, (or other 200+ gr wt bullet/loads) they can get too heavy for the plastic handle ends that hook into the lid....good chance they'll break
      I broke one that was full ....now i only fill them 2/3 full

      if the ammo is in the factory cartons, you can't over load them...only loose rnds will overload them


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