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      The hammer was definitely from a Ithaca 1911A1. The slide stop looks checkered to me, which is correct for Colt in that SN# range. Can you check the underside of the barrel? It should have some marking G, N, F & or something else.

      If you want to retain the original grip bushing, you can try red Loctite. If the bushing is stuck with the grip panels, try using extractor like this.
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      You guys rock - so grateful for the abundance of collective wisdom here (as usual). To synthesize & summarize a bit (for posterity) in no particular order:
      • the patient, middle of the road (and not expensive) way seems to be to replace the bushing, say with Brownells bushings;
      • a more thoroughgoing move in this direction is to use this as an opportunity to install four Challis hex bushings (very cool); a bit more expensive but an ideal solution/improvement;
      • also for the preservationist among us the Esty bushing grip tool is a great way to (with certainty) to save the original bushing;
      • then there were the tricks for trying to hold the bushing and and screw it out (etsy style but cheap and fast): cotton cloth & or paint stick around it in a vise;
      • finally, the Loctite solution, the consensus here was blue Loctite, but Steve from the video at Brownell's seemed to use red Loctite.
        • a nice tip here was to reverse screw a turn or two initially to help avoid a cross thread.
      I think I'll give the blue loctite a try - not playing favorites, I bet I'll use each of those solutions eventually. As I mentioned, the history of my relationship with this lovely 1911 has been a rich one, despite (or maybe because of ) having invested well under $500 on it. I am trying to keep it that way, so if I ever lose it to an evidence box, it will only hurt my heart, not my wallet. Don't want to be shy (gun-shy ;) ) of calling on it if I need to... thanks again.

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