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      I went through a lot of different sharpeners and realized that sharpness has more to do with the operator than the tool. My wife would take our kitchen knives in to get sharpened and they came back OK, but not great.
      I bought a $10.00 hone from Harbor Freight and spent a couple of hours at the kitchen table going through the knives in the knife block. The results amazed me (and it was kind of fun in a therapeutic way)
      In no way is this anything near the results that the craftsmen on this forum get, but for home use it is much better than the place my wife took them to be sharpened.
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      Joe are you talking about this diamond hone block?
      4-Sided Diamond Hone Block
      Yes! They had at one time a three grit pack of flat hones. I have both and they work a treat.
      These stones from Grizzly are the same as what HF stocked in the past.
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