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  1. Springfield Armory
    Hello all, I just bought my first 1911,a Springfield Mil-Spec Defend Your Legacy Series and I have noticed some wear on it that seems unusual. I have only owned this gun for a week and I have only fired 57 rounds through it. In speaking with a gunsmith friend of mine, they said that G.I. Spec...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello 1911'ers, Been away for too long, and wanted to let you know "I'm Back!" When I first went to buy a hand gun, my local retailer had put 2 gun's a side for me which I paid for, waiting for approval "government" Yes I live in a permission province! Call by the retailer, I was approved...
  3. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Hello, new owner of a Girsan 1911 as of a couple days ago. I've been reading up on the piece and it seems there's an overwhelming consensus that the recoil spring is a consideration of replacement. There's an old forum from 2013 discussing the issue but I didn't see a follow-up to the...
  4. Other 1911's
    I’m the new owner of a Tisas 1911 from SDS imports. This is my 1st 1911. I bought the blem model 1911/A1 in .45 and paid $319.99 free shipping. I’m impressed.. are other people too? Also - I can’t find the blemish.
  5. Right side of 1911.jpeg

    Right side of gun
  6. Parts and Accessories Bin
    I recently bought a Kimber Pro Raptor II in .45 ACP and found through many people online that failure to feed is very common in the 1911s due to magazine and extractor issues. Being that it is my first 1911, I am coming here to ask the more experienced about what good flush magazines there are...
  7. Springfield Armory
    Question about the new Springfield 1911 Operator. Is the sight able to replaced with something like a red dot or a night iron sight.
  8. Colt
    Have any of you seen a SS Gold Cup Trophy combination set. It includes a 5” slide and barrel plus a 4.25” slide and barrel. All three components share a common, truncated serial number. A local shop has been asked to sell it but cannot find a price range. I am interested dependent on that price...
  9. Colt
    Hi I recently have purchased my first firearm and I've always been a big fan of firearm history as well as antique firearms so I decided that I would purchase this one-of-a-kind Colt 1911 nickle plated which I'm very proud to own! My father has always been teaching me firearm safety as well as...
1-10 of 10 Results