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    I have a nickel plated 1913 dated Colt. One of the grip bushings has come loose and came out. It appears unthreaded and the hole in the frame does as well. It has the six points on the inside from where it was staked into the frame. Were the early 1911 grip bushings non-threaded? Where can I...
  2. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Hello, Currently have a kimber RHX PRO (optics ready). it comes with the suppressor height white dot sights, and the rear sight is part of the metal of the optics plate. As far as i know kimber does not sell any plates so i can add my own normal sights to the slide. Is there any way to machine...
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    I just recently bought a used firestorm .45 mini compact with no magazine I've searched the web for hours cant find a for sure answer (ive heard llama minimax ii work) but does anyone know for sures and can you link me???
  4. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Picked it up today and took it to the range and fed 75 FMJ rounds 45 ACP without a single issue. Brought it home and loaded a magazine up with hollow points and upon inserting a fully loaded magazine (8 rounds) the gun failed to chamber a round upon racking the slide. After some fiddling I...
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    The History of the 1911 Pistol.
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    Hello, I have finally accumulated all the parts needed to complete my first 80% 1911, so I'm starting to look at the tooling needed. Looking at the Matrix Precision website, they have a tooling kit available for Tactical Machining 80% frames (which I have) and some other brands. The item of...