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  1. Alchemy Custom
    I had a 38 super ACW in hardchrome and while it was great the HC didn't speak to me and I longed for another ACW. When this blue'd 38 super popped up I was all in :love:
  2. Colt
    I recently received a 1955 Colt Super 38 from my Grandfather. It definitely has wear marks but is in decent shape. I really don't know any thing about it. What would you estimate its value to be? Serial number is 118241 Thanks
  3. Other 1911's
    All of us have seen some of Ted's master builds but when this modest "retro" build was made available to me it was a must have. It's either a 52 or 53 Lightweight 39 super Commander that Ted built in 2019, the owner took it home and ran 1 magazine through it and tucked it away. 2 years later...
  4. Wilson Combat
    Lots of mods, magwell, semi-extended slide-release, low TS, red fiber-optic and complete DLC all in a lightweight 38 super package and I carry Tripp 9 rounders so I'm packing 9+1 Grips by @Gripwright
  5. Dan Wesson
    Today was a play day, cleaning and some grip swaps on my two 38 Super DW's. I have a VBOB (9mm) slide at Evolution for DLC, sights, slide-top treatment and a French border. That'll give me the holy trinity with a seldom seen two/tone bobtail to slip in between these two.
  6. Other 1911's
    It was a glorious Friday, a 9mm Lightweight CT Brian and a 38 Super Benchmark Precision
1-6 of 6 Results