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  1. Remington
    I picked one of these up recently semi NIB. I cannot find any parts or specs for it. I need a firing pin and a recoil spring assembly.
  2. General Gun Discussion
    Hello, I just wanted to share one of our hand-built 1911 builds with the group. I thought everyone might enjoy having a look.
  3. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and was looking for some advice and help identifying one type of 1911 mag. First: the longest mag in the picture is unmarked/unbranded and holds 11 rounds at full capacity. Anyone know what brand it may be? Second: The middle mag I believe is a Chip...
  4. Reloading Bench
    It’s been awhile since I’ve reloaded, mostly due to the fact that when I went to shoot my hand loads, the case wasn’t ejecting from the chamber. Everything I reloaded with was new and not once fired (cases, primers, fmj bullets, powder). Does anyone happen to know what would cause this? I...
  5. Kydex and Leather Gear
    My father just recently purchased a gold cup trophy, and I’ve been searching around to find a holster for his gun for Christmas. Haven’t found much luck. Wanted to see if any of y’all had any specific recommendations on brands, or manufacturers.
  6. Reloading Bench
    I was given a box of 50 Triton brass. The headstamp says 45acp +P and it is nickel plated. I had not heard of Triton and did a search on this site and learned a lot. What I did not find is a lot of info on reloading it. I understand the case dimensions are identical to regular 45acp, but...
1-6 of 6 Results