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  1. Parts and Accessories Bin
    My 1911 9mm RIA just came in and the mag it came with is absolute garbage. What mag do you guys think I should get, I want something high quality and will last
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I just purchased an fnx45 tactical and a Rugged Obsidian 45 to go with it. I went ahead and picked up attachments for 9mm as well. I know attaching it to my G17 isn't the most reliable. From research it seems like the Beretta M9A3 would be a great choice(I've heard of many issues with the A4). I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Greetings gun lovers! Stema is the name and I have recently acquired a Vector SP1 9mm pistol. I see there is not a lot of content on them on here. Please post some pics of custom pieces. If anyone is interested in mine, go take a look at www.kandwela.com
  4. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Does anyone know if it's possible to convert a RIA 2011 A2 GI HC .45 ACP into a 9mm if I change the upper? Also, if I change the upper will it typically drop-in or will it definitely need fitting?
  5. 1911customsolution
    1911 Custom Solution’s (WC Elite Dealer/Houston, Tx based FFL) has a bunch of custom Wilson Combat 1911’s in stock…..including EDC X9’s with Trijicon SRO, XTAC Elite Compact 4” 9MM, Experior Commander’s……..WCP320‘s with/without Trijicon SRO in Carry and full size! Have great afternoon! Click...
  6. Remington
    Greetings, I'm new to forum and relatively new the world of 1911s, although I've been shooting for 35 years. My question is: Will a 9mm R1 Recon Complete Upper Assembly Fit a 45 ACP R1 Enhanced Frame? A little more background. I purchased a new, R1 Enhanced (single stack) in 45 ACP in...
  7. Dan Wesson
    Last year with Covid and the BLM issues I bought my Dad a Guardian, dependable, light, thin, etc. Over the past year he has struggled to carry it in comfort (I joke that it shouldn't be comfy, that's your reminder it's there). Granted he's a first time carrier and never even held/shot a gun...
  8. Wilson Combat
    Purchased a a new WC edc x9 a little over a week ago. Ran 500 rounds through the pistol in little over a week. So far it runs like a sewing machine! I have many different 9mm loads, Blazer 115, WWB 115 and 124, Speer gold dot, Federal American Eagle 124. Best target Ammo so far is FAE 124. This...
  9. Dan Wesson
    I bought this last fall and it sat with a Smith that was to busy to do some minor mods so I had him send it to me. The night sights are dated 2013 and it doesn't look like it was shot much but not loving cared for either. It had many slight swirls on the slide and a faint idiot scratch as far...
  10. Other 1911's
    It was a glorious Friday, a 9mm Lightweight CT Brian and a 38 Super Benchmark Precision
  11. Rock Island Armory
    Hello all, I just acquired a 51679 and am looking into various out of the box upgrades to do to it. I am keeping the factory trigger so I know I will have to tune up the internals to lower the trigger pull a bit. I am looking to use it in Steel Challenge and USPSA. Anything else you all can...
  12. Rock Island Armory
    Hi all, new to the 1911 world. I just purchased a RIA Tac Ultra 9mm FS HC and was wondering what aftermarket grip options look like. I am aware that most 1911 grips do not seem to fit. Ideally the grips have decent bite as I do a bit of competition shooting. Also red and black grips would be...
1-12 of 13 Results