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  1. Springfield Armory
    I recently got a new, to me, 1911. I did a little research on it before buying it, but decided to move quickly on it since it was a really good price. It shoots really well, I just have a question because the research I did shows it as the CA compliant loaded Marine Corps, as seen here on the...
  2. Tactics & Personal Defense
    This is an old California Highway Patrol training film on the 1970 shootout in Newhall, California. While this isn't a sensationalized, agenda driven retelling by a media company or a stylized, semi-fictional Hollywood production, CHP has their own bias. That bias is probably reflected in the...
  3. Second Amendment News ONLY
    This guy is a practicing attorney in California. He sometimes works with Firearms Policy Coalition. Mostly he does 2A legal news types of stories. Here he discusses a motion in the Miller v. Bonta (formerly Miller v. Becerra) "assault weapons" ban case Judge Benitez (aka St. Benitez) ruled as...
1-3 of 3 Results