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  1. Colt
    I am am a newbie to 1911's (and the forum) - I finally picked one up from a friend who got it in a trade with other items. (It came with two mags and no box or papers.) It appears to be from 1973 based on the serial # (70SC24xxx), so a 70 Series, I presume? I'd like to be able to shoot (and...
  2. Other 1911's
    All of us have seen some of Ted's master builds but when this modest "retro" build was made available to me it was a must have. It's either a 52 or 53 Lightweight 39 super Commander that Ted built in 2019, the owner took it home and ran 1 magazine through it and tucked it away. 2 years later...
1-2 of 2 Results