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  1. General Gun Discussion
    hey guys! just joined the forum as i really neaded help deciding between a dan wesson blem vigil or a smith e series 1911. on armslist the smith goes $1015 and the dan $1099 on dans site. any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. Dan Wesson
    Dreams do happen -- I always wanted a two/tone bobtail, sure some of the semi-customs guys can do it but I love Dan Wesson bobtails and wanted to do some "bubba smithin" at the same time and learn about the internals of the gun. I did the 3-hole trigger, slide-release and the Chen thumb safety...
  3. Dan Wesson
    Today was a play day, cleaning and some grip swaps on my two 38 Super DW's. I have a VBOB (9mm) slide at Evolution for DLC, sights, slide-top treatment and a French border. That'll give me the holy trinity with a seldom seen two/tone bobtail to slip in between these two.
  4. Dan Wesson
    Last year with Covid and the BLM issues I bought my Dad a Guardian, dependable, light, thin, etc. Over the past year he has struggled to carry it in comfort (I joke that it shouldn't be comfy, that's your reminder it's there). Granted he's a first time carrier and never even held/shot a gun...
  5. Dan Wesson
    I bought this last fall and it sat with a Smith that was to busy to do some minor mods so I had him send it to me. The night sights are dated 2013 and it doesn't look like it was shot much but not loving cared for either. It had many slight swirls on the slide and a faint idiot scratch as far...
  6. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to the 1911 world, but have many years hunting and shooting as a youngster (72 years old now). The year 2020 brought me to the decision to arm myself for many various reasons. I've always been intrigued by the 1911 as my high school friend's father was a police officer...
  7. Dan Wesson
    Hello all, I am requesting a bit of information. Working through a decision process in my head about purchasing one of the two models listed. What I can't find out is what parts are stainless. The pieces I am interested in know about specifically are: Slide stop Grip safety Mainspring...
  8. Springfield Armory
    Hello all, First I want to start by saying I am a new member. Not a new shooter. I have only ever had one 1911 pistol. The Ruger SR1911. The SR1911 was a gift from a family member and due to its sentimental value I don’t want to carry it in case I have to use it. I would rather the police don’t...
  9. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    I just got a new Dan Wesson Heritage in stainless with the plan on having the slide finished in DLC for that two-tone look. Considering the tight tolerances of the gun, should I break it in first or would it be okay getting the slide coated right off the bat (before firing the gun)?
1-9 of 11 Results