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    Nice alternative to ivory - but becoming very, very hard to find anyone working with premium stock. If anyone knows - please post as I’d like to have some made. Thanks.
  2. Parts and Accessories Bin
    I have a small stock of legal ivory (brought into the US by me almost fifty years ago) Is there anyone the forum can recommend who would still make some ivory grips for an antique S&W revolver? Thanks
  3. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Can anyone point me in the right direction of a reputable company who makes a good, thin, wood gun grip? I've recently bought a Kimber 1911 Custom Nightstar, (my first gun purchase, ever). The wooden grips that Kimber installed are beautiful, but my hands are a bit on the smaller side, so I'm...
  4. Rock Island Armory
    Hi all, new to the 1911 world. I just purchased a RIA Tac Ultra 9mm FS HC and was wondering what aftermarket grip options look like. I am aware that most 1911 grips do not seem to fit. Ideally the grips have decent bite as I do a bit of competition shooting. Also red and black grips would be...
  5. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Does anyone here have any experience with Wood Caliber 1911 grips? They have a set of Desert Ironwood grips with skip checkering that are beautiful in the photo. They will even put your choice of Colt or Wilson Combat medallions in them. This set is just $115. That's the best price I've seen for...
  6. Parts and Accessories Bin
    After watching Longmire on Netflix, I looked at getting some stag grips for a 1981 Colt 1911 blued Gov't Model. Man, are they expensive! I ended up ordering some inexpensive imitation stag grips ($30) just to see if I will really like them. Every place I looked it was between $170 and $300 for...
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1-7 of 9 Results