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  1. Second Amendment News ONLY
    Remember those studies that showed defensive uses of guns were anywhere between 60,000 and 2.5 million times per year? Well, we all know those were deleted. So they're gonna try something different per the CDC. Using something akin to this website and it's crappy methodology, soon we'll be...
  2. Second Amendment News ONLY
    The mayor of Houston decided to hold a gun buyback even after Soros-bought DA Kim Ogg publicly warning the buyback would potentially undermine numerous criminal cases. Of course, despite public claims of its success, the buyback was a disaster with savvy collectors buying valuable guns for cash...
  3. Second Amendment News ONLY
    Brandon Herrera on Red Flag laws for dummies:
  4. Second Amendment News ONLY
    Senator Rand Paul's floor speech on 'red flag' laws (3 days ago):
  5. Second Amendment News ONLY
    In today's American Thinker Following Biden’s Gun Control Speech, An Inconvenient Story Surfaces A seemingly unrelated news story that surfaced after Biden's speech Thursday night shoots holes in the gun control narrative.
1-5 of 5 Results