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  1. USGI/Foreign Military and other Vintage 1911s
    Hello and thank you for stopping by to help! Recently, my uncle passed away and so a family heirloom of sorts has passed to my father. Knowing I love war history, he showed it to me for the first time on Christmas day. The story goes (and I am not sure how much is story and how much is truth)...
  2. Browning Hi-Power
    So I have a browning hi power with a 1976 SN (76C2xxxx), but it has adjustable sights and seems to be a 1977 model. I have read that some 1976 SN rolled over into 77, but I was about to post on GB and I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight.. Anyone able to shed some light?
  3. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    i am relatively new to the 1911 platform and just purchased a used Colt commander 70s series. I was having some malfunctions with the cycling where the casing wasn't being extracted from the chamber. This would happen about 10-20% of the rounds i shot. I was using both Colt and Wilson mags they...
  4. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    Hello, Currently have a kimber RHX PRO (optics ready). it comes with the suppressor height white dot sights, and the rear sight is part of the metal of the optics plate. As far as i know kimber does not sell any plates so i can add my own normal sights to the slide. Is there any way to machine...