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  1. Kydex and Leather Gear
    My father just recently purchased a gold cup trophy, and I’ve been searching around to find a holster for his gun for Christmas. Haven’t found much luck. Wanted to see if any of y’all had any specific recommendations on brands, or manufacturers.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, new guy here. My name is Dave, I’m an ER nurse, and I’m new to the 1911 collecting business, but I have a Springfield Armory Ronin Operator in 9mm and a Sig Sauer Emperor Scorpion in .45 ACP. Both are 5” and have no modifications since factory. My current issue I’m having is I adore...
  3. Wilson Combat
    Does a 'default' configuration include the Battlesight, Wilson Combat®, Tactical Adjustable Battlesight (TAB), Black (Item Number: 860) ? If yes, doe anyone know if the Battlesight, EDC X9/SFX9, Concealment, Serrated Blade, Tritium (Item Number: 991T) is taller or shorter off the slide? I...
  4. STI/Staccato/Infinity/2011
    Having a hard time finding an iwb holster for the sti tactical 4.0……all I find is for the staccato P 4.0 my question is will the sti tactical 4.0 for the staccato P 4.0 holster ?
  5. LEO Duty
    I work as an armed guard in low income housing and recently qualified on my Girsan 1911S but can’t seem to find a duty holster(I prefer safariland) that will fit with a surefire x300. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  6. Kydex and Leather Gear
    Howdy all, I'm recently getting into the 1911 world and I'm going to be working on a build soon, and I've noticed every company does picatinny rails differently and this has brought me to confusion with holster compatibility. This is the frame I'm getting for the build ->Frame and nobody really...
  7. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Just purchased a TLR-9 to use on my SA full rail TRP 1911. I already have a safari land thigh rig that I use a holster that fits it without a light, so I want one with room for a light that would be able to attach to my thigh rig. The thigh rig allows any safari land holster to attach.
  8. Kydex and Leather Gear
    Good morning all. I am looking for a holster suggestion / source. Gun - 1911 4.25" barrel no rail (specifically, Dan Wesson Guardian or Valor). Specifically: Paddle holster. Designed for or easily adjustable to crossdraw (I'm right handed, so I'll wear it at 10:30 ish) Back of the holster...
1-8 of 9 Results