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  1. General Gun Discussion
    I confess, I am a serious handgun hunter. With a very few exceptions the tool I choose when afield for game or varmints will fit in a holster. Most of that is done with caliber appropriate revolvers but I have been known to choose a 1911 for a day in the woods in pursuit of game. The platform...
  2. Kimber
    Good day internet. I am a new user on the 1911 forum, and actually this is my first time ever posting to a forum. For years I have had a desire to hunt whitetail with a handgun; I have been hunting whitetail in MI for many successful seasons with shotgun, rifle, and archery. By far, my favorite...
  3. General Rifles and Shotguns
    If I get a rifle that has a fixed front sight post. Am I able to put a scope on that as well? I would imagine the FSP would interfere with the scope unless I get some kind of riser, which I dont really want. They look silly if the scope is riding way above the rifle. Any ideas? Can I remove...
1-3 of 3 Results