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  1. Kydex and Leather Gear
    Over the course of the years, I've been subjected to a number of "required" combinations of duty gear and in all honesty, most of it wasn't very comfortable. And yes some of it changed and made things better but not really comfortable. Sam Browne's replaced by double belt systems not using...
  2. Wilson Combat
    Anyone have experience with their products? I currently carry a subcompact 2011 in a Galco Quick Slide and want the smallest footprint available for an X9. I found these guys via google search and they have interesting stuff. I'm looking for superior holster quality, not exotic materials. They...
  3. Kydex and Leather Gear
    Good morning all. I am looking for a holster suggestion / source. Gun - 1911 4.25" barrel no rail (specifically, Dan Wesson Guardian or Valor). Specifically: Paddle holster. Designed for or easily adjustable to crossdraw (I'm right handed, so I'll wear it at 10:30 ish) Back of the holster...
1-3 of 3 Results