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les baer
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  1. Les Baer
    Hi, i really like this forum and it helped me a lot with my decision to order a Les Baer soon 😊 Even though they‘re pretty expensive here in Germany (around $3,5k for the Custom Carry) and will have around 8 months for delivery i really a „need“ Baer 😊 My question is if anybody has any...
  2. Les Baer
    I made a trade for this a couple weeks ago with someone and I do believe this is something special... It sure may have been his service pistol I just want to try to find some information on it without divulging too much information if you know what I mean... Appreciate any help anyone can give...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Good evening, I’ve been a long time stocker and Beneficiary from information on this form and I have decided to become a member and make my first (second because my first was deleted) post. THIS IS NOT A “GUNS FOR SALE” POST but a post seeking the opinion of well-informed 1911 owner. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results