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  1. Alchemy Custom
    Who do they use or is made/milled in house? I have a Classic Carry (or whatever they call it now) on order for a late May delivery (it was ordered in early November 2020) and I'm curious as the the profile of the magwell.
  2. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Ok so I purchased a Tisas Zig PC 1911 from a pawn shop in my town. Paid $400 flat for it. The issue I had upon purchase was I found that the magazines that had been included did not function due to a very gummy substance and a weak spring. I don't recall the brand of those magazines but I...
  3. Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
    First off, any help greatly appreciated! I've been pondering over this for the past few days now. I'm building a CCO in 10mm and was planning to weld a Briley magwell. Part already in hand, ready to start milling away when I noticed the sear spring slot is almost at the same level with the MSH...
1-3 of 3 Results