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  1. New Member Introductions
    Got rid of the only 1911s I’ve owned last year due to them being 45s and I was ready to move “down” to a 9. Just “won” a Nighthawk TRS Comp and in doing some research came across this forum. It will be my first 2011. Can’t wait for its arrival and to learn from all of you!
  2. Nighthawk
    Hey y'all! Back again with the "rest-mod" Colt-Nighthawk. I am uploading the build sheet (with sensitive information removed), so that y'all could get a good idea of what all went into this 10 month project. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the goal was to retain as much of the original...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Good evening, I’ve been a long time stocker and Beneficiary from information on this form and I have decided to become a member and make my first (second because my first was deleted) post. THIS IS NOT A “GUNS FOR SALE” POST but a post seeking the opinion of well-informed 1911 owner. I have...
  4. Browning Hi-Power
    Over $13K for an NHC Hi-Power? Really? Looks like someone got really wrapped up in the 'I gotta have it!' If the buyer is forum member, no offense intended. It just seems a tad unreasonable to me. Granted, it is a beautiful gun. I'm certain that the seller is quite pleased, however...
1-4 of 4 Results