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  1. Springfield Armory
    Question about the new Springfield 1911 Operator. Is the sight able to replaced with something like a red dot or a night iron sight.
  2. General Gun Discussion
    So this is kind of wild and I thought it needed to be shared. Back in 2019 I bought a Springfield range officer operator in 9mm. It was a parkerized gun, the prior owner put in a 10-8 flat face trigger and a Dawson adjustable rear sight. I’ve had a lot of 1911s but really connected with this...
  3. Springfield Armory
    Howdy, all! Apologies, feel like a lazy noob here, but repeated searches have failed to turn up the thread / story of the (as I remember it) long term firing record for a Springfield Pro. Story detailed round counts, parts as they broke, and if I'm remembering correctly, round count at latest...
  4. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Just purchased a TLR-9 to use on my SA full rail TRP 1911. I already have a safari land thigh rig that I use a holster that fits it without a light, so I want one with room for a light that would be able to attach to my thigh rig. The thigh rig allows any safari land holster to attach.
1-4 of 4 Results