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  1. USGI/Foreign Military and other Vintage 1911s
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and recently inherited a few different 1911 slides (including 3 Colt NM slides) but the one that stood out to me is a well-used vintage WWI Springfield Armory slide that has been parkerized, I imagine for a WWII rebuild. I would like to use the slide as a...
  2. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Hey gang - I have a colt lower with a Remington Rand upper from the CMP. It is in really great shape. I’d like to get a Colt upper to match my frame - 1943 date. Trade or negotiate, whatever. Anyone interested? Jamo
  3. ARs ONLY
    A long while ago, I bought 3 AR lowers, one AR-9 in polymer which is nearly complete, and 2 AR-15 lowers. I've already got a plan for the 2nd, an Aero Precision build for a 20" .223 Wylde. That will be the next build after I get my truck fixed up just a bit. Then I'll work on 2 of my 1911...
  4. General Rifles and Shotguns
    The internal magazine baseplate catch broke on my Husqvarna 640 rifle in 30-06. These rifles are for sale all over the internet, but I can't find any sites that carry more than a handful of parts. Anyone have a good source of parts for these rifles?
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Does anyone know a reliable gunsmith in the Los Angeles area still in business???
1-5 of 6 Results