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  1. Reloading Bench
    For all of you looking like I have been, my buddy just sent me a link for WIN 296 and IMR 4227 powder. luckily one of these filled my need. wanted to share for anyone else searching the net Products – Mass Ammo . any other components we find i will be happy to share here!
  2. Reloading Bench
    Okay, so I have been encouraged by many to start a YouTube channel in my family/friend circle. I haven't even had a smart phone for more than 6 months, so I'm having to learn a lot about tech stuff and editing. What an undertaking! This series is largely dedicated to shooting and handloading...
  3. Reloading Bench
    hey y'all - LOOONG time member here (well, not as long as some of y'all) but I have been absent for years... gone through a lot in life, became a dad, got divorced, changed jobs, picked up some hobbies, etc. but now I'm finally coming back to shooting and reloading. I ordered a new workbench and...
  4. Reloading Bench
    Ok guys, I have not done any reloading in 30 years. I reloaded a LOT before life got in the way. i recently got all my equipment back from my brother and plan to get started. Due to the generosity of one of the members on this site, I will soon have some 45ACP brass to get started. I mainly...
  5. Reloading Bench
    Do you have any reloading tips to share with reloading? My tip is, No one is allowed to talk or bother me when I’m reloading. No interuptions or distractions at all. This way I can stay focused on what I’m doing. Let’s help out the new guys thinking of reloading or just getting started. Ok...
  6. Reloading Bench
    Hello y'all, I'm planning on hand loading for my 1911s soon for the very first time. At this point I've only loaded for rifle. I could use some of your pistol loading experience. Which L.E. Wilson case gauge would you recommend, the Min or Max gauge? MidwayUSA has both. Note that all of my...
1-6 of 6 Results