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  1. USGI/Foreign Military and other Vintage 1911s
    I recently picked up this piece and have been trying to find some info / history on it. It looks to be all original possibly not refinished. No armory rebuild stamps anywhere. Serial number worries me due to it looking like a capital O vs a zero. Barrel has the HS and P stamps and looks used...
  2. Remington
    I picked one of these up recently semi NIB. I cannot find any parts or specs for it. I need a firing pin and a recoil spring assembly.
  3. Remington
    A buddy offered me an Ian Turnbull Remington 1911 that was built in 2014, he's asking $1500. It's been fired 50rds, the retard put a faint dummy scratch reassembling it, otherwise it's like new. I know Turnbull's work is excellent, but was wondering if anyone owns one or has1st hand experience...
  4. Remington
    Hello! I'm looking to purchase my first 1911. I’ve more or less settled on either a Remington or a Ruger, although I’m open to suggestion. They appear to be well made, well reviewed, dependable, American made 1911s that won't break the bank. Problem is I can’t find any anywhere. There are some...
1-4 of 4 Results