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  1. USGI/Foreign Military and other Vintage 1911s
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and recently inherited a few different 1911 slides (including 3 Colt NM slides) but the one that stood out to me is a well-used vintage WWI Springfield Armory slide that has been parkerized, I imagine for a WWII rebuild. I would like to use the slide as a...
  2. Springfield Armory
    I color filled this with a white crayon figured if I didn't like it could just scrub out with oil but it's been on there over a year now let's see some pictures of your color fill jobs thanks
  3. Springfield Armory
    Just a quick story concerning Springfield Warranty service. I purchased a Springfield EMP 1911 last year. I immediately had FTEs. Within the first 5 rounds one failure to eject stuck inside the chamber requiring a wooden dowel to punch it out…subsequent range trips I experienced repeated...
  4. Springfield Armory
    Good afternoon all, I’ve had a SA Special Operator with full rail that was left to me from my father for years. I know it’s discontinued but I can’t find ANY info on the gun. No one sells it so I can’t see what it goes for (not that I’d ever sell it). Trying to find a solid holster for it is a...
  5. Ammo Can
    Good day, I have a WWII replica, ammo crisis aside, I'm trying to learn more about what ammo grains/brands/types will work best? I have a box of '43 fmj that shoots smooth, but that stuff is generally kind of expensive and hard to come by. I'm a pretty new to 1911's and aside from my 9mm...
  6. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Just purchased a TLR-9 to use on my SA full rail TRP 1911. I already have a safari land thigh rig that I use a holster that fits it without a light, so I want one with room for a light that would be able to attach to my thigh rig. The thigh rig allows any safari land holster to attach.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a USGI section for Springfield Armory 1911s from the WWI era. Is there such a place here? All I see is the SA commercial threads. Thanks, Rob
  8. Springfield Armory
    Hello all, First I want to start by saying I am a new member. Not a new shooter. I have only ever had one 1911 pistol. The Ruger SR1911. The SR1911 was a gift from a family member and due to its sentimental value I don’t want to carry it in case I have to use it. I would rather the police don’t...
1-8 of 8 Results