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  1. STI/Staccato/Infinity/2011
    I need a gunsmith to tune my Perfect 10. I have tuned 10 mm mags but gun still jams 1 in every 200-300 rounds. Who would be great to tune this gun. Was carry gun for several years before this started.
  2. Parts and Accessories Bin
    Anyone know how to order them for less than full retail? Thanks!
  3. STI/Staccato/Infinity/2011
    Hey guys so I have a question, I have a sti tactical 4.0 black out edition 2011 that I’m going to add into my carry rotation but my question is….is it possible to maybe switch the grip out for maybe a smaller grip like the staccato c2 size (120mm) ? If can someone share any pros and cons also...
  4. STI/Staccato/Infinity/2011
    Having a hard time finding an iwb holster for the sti tactical 4.0……all I find is for the staccato P 4.0 my question is will the sti tactical 4.0 for the staccato P 4.0 holster ?
1-4 of 4 Results