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  1. General Gun Discussion
    Just kidding... but seriously, this wait is torture. This pistol deserves a Rugged Obsidian. So hard not knowing how long the ATF approval will take!
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I just purchased an fnx45 tactical and a Rugged Obsidian 45 to go with it. I went ahead and picked up attachments for 9mm as well. I know attaching it to my G17 isn't the most reliable. From research it seems like the Beretta M9A3 would be a great choice(I've heard of many issues with the A4). I...
  3. Safes and Storage
    I wanted suppressed so if I had to use it, I'd preserve the family's hearing. Finally, there's a under bed safe that won't break the bank. Go to tractor supply and search (sku) 163707699 Should come up with "Snapsafe Electronic Vault Extra Wide, 75435." It's about $150 and available mail order...
1-3 of 3 Results