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  1. Competitive Shooting
    Good afternoon all! I have a CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready pistol (currently has open sights and not a red dot) I haven't done any work to the pistol at all. I am reading the USPSA rules for the different divisions, and so far, unless i'm wrong. If I don't put a red dot on it and only put 10 rounds...
  2. Competitive Shooting
    Good afternoon! A bit of help and clarification. In reading about pistols I thought I had seen that the CZ Shadow 2 OR worked for both USPSA and IDPA, but then after I ordered one, stumbled upon something that said that it doesn't work for IDPA. For whatever reason i'm not seeing the pistol...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Good morning, Just wondered if anyone had any details on whether Brian Enos Forum is gone kaput or just temporarily offline. Keep seeing no server found since Feb 1, which is never a good sign. Hope all that info is not lost. Really enjoy 1911Forum, but do visit BE for USPSA & 3Gun chatter...
1-3 of 3 Results