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  1. Dan Wesson
    I know many pistols, including multiple 1911 manufacturers, need a break in period. I have just over 500 rounds through my Vigil CCO, and close to triple that in dry-practice manipulations, but I had a horrible range day yesterday. Two main issues, but it happened multiple times between 3...
  2. Dan Wesson
    I know Tripp and Wilson (probably others) sell 8 round magazines for a Vigil CCO in .45. Are there any other mags with a 9 or 10 round capacity? I believe I can use Wilson or Tripp 10 rounders, but should be careful of the ejector - are there any other issues with this? Will they feed...
  3. Dan Wesson
    Hello all, I am requesting a bit of information. Working through a decision process in my head about purchasing one of the two models listed. What I can't find out is what parts are stainless. The pieces I am interested in know about specifically are: Slide stop Grip safety Mainspring...
1-3 of 3 Results