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  1. 1911customsolution
    The X9 Family continues its performance – driven evolution with the new SFX9 solid frame 4” compact. This variant of the SFX9 has a 4” compact top – and mated with our new 15 round SF solid frame frame and lightweight aluminum grip frame. The SFX9 is machine from solid T6–7075 aluminum that is...
  2. Wilson Combat
    Hi, I'm new to the forum but a long time firearms enthusiast, and Wilson Combat owner. I am looking at a new Wilson Combat Experior Sub-Compact 3.5". I would have to buy it online without being able to hold it. Does anyone know how it compares in size to a Glock 43x? I am concerned that the...
  3. 1911customsolution
    Good afternoon folks - Happy July 4th to all fellow Americans and Patriots! 1911 Custom Solution’s, LLC. (WC Elite Dealer/Houston, TX based FFL) has several Wilson Combat Experior Commander 4.25” Doublestack pistols in stock. Click the links below to view each models pictures and see full...
1-3 of 3 Results