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10rnd 9mm Magazines?

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Does anyone know of a 10rnd 9mm magazine manufacturer? I can find 9rnd magazines all day. 38 Supers are the same basic bullet, but you can get a 10rnd magazine. I know it has nothing to do with the back spacer. Has any ever tried to convert a 9rnd to 10rnd?
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I'm not sure what you need, but the 10rd .38 Super mags I have from Shooting Star are great. They function as good if not better than the original 9rd factory mags. No problems whatsoever. I load to 1.165" for OAL when reloading.
I haven't tried to convert the factory mags yet because of the spacer there. No spacer in the .38 Super mags. The spacer doesn't seem to matter much in my gun.
I've been shooting a beautiful 9mm STI Trojan for 2 years and craving a 10-round magazine. I honestly believe I called every mag maker in the world and can say they do not exist. Some people have said the .38S mags will work (some have reported problems).

I actaully was able to convert my 9-round (9X19) single-stack Mec-Gar mags into 10 round capacity using some "increased capacity" followers and springs sold through Brownells intended for converting .38Super 9-round mags to 10-round. The followers were plastic and required extensive trimming and filing at the back to fit the narrower 9X19 tubes (not for the faint-hearted). I don't remember the part number but could find them. This way, the bullets still fit in the tube. They feed and cycle perfectly.

As for shoving 9X19 rounds into a 38S mag: of course, they will fit (same diameter, slightly shorter). I have heard from some that they work OK, some others say the don't always feed right.
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