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I spent some quality time indoors at the Belmont Indoor Range in Belmont, NH.

The new owner has continued to add accessories, a table with Gun rag's for those waiting for a lane, or "while you wait" 'smithing.

Still clean and comfortable after about 2 months under the new management. After checking in I was pleased to find that leaving my sweatshirt at home was the right choice...quite comfortable in short sleeves.

I was to be shooting 9mm today, so I brought my SigPro 2009 and my Ruger P95DC.

The Ruger P95DC was purchased new in 2002, and has around 700 rounds through it.

The SP2009 was purchased used in May. I've put less than 300 rounds through it on my watch.

The goals were twofold:
1) Try to establish some reliability with the P95DC...had some FTE's with Winchester White Box last two times out (2 out of 100, then 2 out of 50). During the last session, I switched to Geco 124gr and finished off with 50 consecutive successful rounds without malf'. Today I brought some Fiocchi 123gr FMJTC.

2) The SP2009 is known for having some muzzle flip, and my ability to control it to date has been limited. I'm seeking also to close the gap in accuracy between the SP2009 and the P95DC which has become my standard of accuracy in recent weeks.

First the P95DC.

Starting out shooting B8 Centers at 7 yards. After a couple warm up targets with some flyers, I settle in with 3-4" groups on average, some <3" groups also.

Next, I switch to 1/3 IDPA targets printed off my computer. Still at 7 yards but looking with the more narrow target to force additional focus with less margin for error on the paper. Again, first couple of targets on 1/3 IDPA were "less than ideal", but settled in and ultimately shot my first sub 2" group at seven yards (attached below).

BTW, I've been shooting most of my life but had an extended pause...restarted regular shooting July of 2002 and manage to get out there 2 or 3 times a month.

Moved out to 10 yards, again with 1/3 IDPA, and went through an adjustment period. Seemed to be trying to "force the shots" instead of letting it flow. Switched back to B8 Centers and added a 1" red stick-on to help with visibility. Groups improved and had several in the 4-5" range and a 3.75" best with the P95 at that distance.

Decided to move out to 15, stick with the 1/3 IDPA, and continue with the 1" stick-ons. Had several 4/5 groups in the 4-5" range but pulled several off target completely...I'm guessing again I was trying to force the issue.

Only target where all five were on the 10.5x10.5" B8 Center was an 8" "group"...need more practice at that distance, and to mentally allow myself to succeed at distances beyond 10 yards. Still, 8" on COM would certainly provide a disinsentive if ever necessary...so I take some small encouragement from that.

100 rounds Fiocchi through the P95DC with ZERO malf's. New personal best at 7 yards and some very satisfactory targets at 10. Need more work at 15...thinking of using B27 Centers next time out so I can see where I pull them, and take some pressure off of "fear of missing paper".

Now it's time for the SP2009.

Having warmed up with the P95DC, it's more a matter of adjusting to the different piece than to the noise, environment, lighting, etc. The first few targets are on par with the 3-4" average of the P95DC. I'm shooting S&B 115gr JHP...it's cheaper than most JHP, and the elongated cone makes it an easier feed for weapons that were designed before JHP was commonplace (e.g. my CZ-75B). All 30 rounds - shooting out a partial box - feed fine (as I would expect, the SP2009 seems to eat anything). Over time though, my success with the S&B seems to be degrading instead of improving.

Now it's back to Fiocchi. Targets seem to improve...I also had 3-4 failures to lock back the slide. I scrutinize my grip and find that I've been placing left thumb on slide release. Adjusting left hand forward slightly puts left thumb on frame and actually allows for tighter grip (I wrap around the front of the trigger guard ala Rob Leatham instructions on American Shooter).

I get in a couple <3" groups at 7 yards and move out to 10.

Again, I start with the 1/3 IDPA to provide an "apples to apples" comparison with P95DC. I'm starting to fatigue a little on my focus. It's approaching 1 hour and I'm thinking about closing down the day. Some good targets (~4" groups) and some not so good (pull off paper completely...but I seem to know I've done so before retrieving the target). I push the last two out and decide to really bear down. 2", personal best at 10 yards and the other was an acceptable 4-5" with last shot striking bulls-eye dead on (2" @ 10 yds target attached below).

Upon reviewing my targets at home, I was surprised to find two rapid-fire targets at 7 with very positive results. One was a 3.75" group...the other closer to 5" but with 3 on the X...not bad for me on rapid fire for a gun with noticeable muzzle flip.

Bottom line, a very productive day at the range...the 2004 Olympic shooting team has no worries about me taking one of their spots, but my progress toward proficiency continues.

I'm learning to work my way through bad targets, regain focus, and achieve some personal bests. I found that although the muzzle flip can't be ignored, it can be overcome. I've found that the P95, although finicky, can be reliable...and remains my most accurate piece so far (shortly to be replaced I'm guessing by my CZ-75B when it gets its turn in my rotation).

In the end, it seems like my job is to focus on the front sight, let it come into focus, place it on bulls-eye, and try to let the gun do what it is designed to do...I'm finding that it is less about what I do...but more about "staying out of the way"...

Best wishes,



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