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1911 14 rd. mag ?

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Is there or has there ever been anything larger then a 10 rd. mag for a 1911 ?
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Yeah I think it was Tripple K or Meggar that made 15 and 30 round mags for the 1911. With the 30 you could just use it as a mono pod to shoot from

I have no clue on how they function as I didnt see the benifit to 3 feet sticking out the bottom of my 1911. Now if it were for a marlin camp 45 that would be neat.

BTW if you decide to go with the 10 rounders go Wilson for the extra $3 over the McCormick mags. I am not happy at all with the 10 round MCC mags I have. The Wilson's work great!!
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I've recently seen 11-round mags, and often seen 15-round mags. And I have a Marlin.

Living the the Golden State (CA) makes it moot!

I tried about five or six brands, and found that Metalform 10-rounds (same as Ed Brown brand) works the best for my stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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