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1911 and Competitive Shooting

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What type of competitive shooting events, classes, types etc are best suited for a 1911.
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In order of my preference

Bowling Pin Shooting
NRA Action Pistol

There are more, but these are the biggies. Good luck to you.

AF Shooting Team
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Sportsman team challenge
Steel challenge

smaller but dominated by the Browning design.
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How about the Single Stack Challenge, dominated, no doubt, by, you guessed it... Single Stack's
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If it's not something like Olympic free pistol, the 1911 can be apropritely built or modded for it.(Personally I shoot USPSA/IPSC and plan on branching out into IDPA and steel as soon as I can).

Whoops, forgot to mention it might be kinda hard to shoot cowboy action or ICORE with one

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PPC is moving in the auto direction, and the 1911 is getting common there too. Great entery to shooting sports and competitive shooting...ROFI
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