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1911 Colt in 38 Super

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I'm picking up a c.1933 Colt 1911 in 38 Super.

Anyone have one?
Any special thoughts?

It is semi-inherited and has not been shot much in the past 45 years.

I will have the opurtunity to shoot on Sunday, what should I look for?

Also getting a .30 caliber Luger
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The .30 Luger is on the same casehead as 9mm, the .357 SIG is almost a .40 S&W necked to 9mm. It drives a 125 grain bullet at about the same velocity as a high end handload for a 93 grain .30 Luger, and faster than factory. I don't call a 34% increase in both energy and momentum "almost
A heavy .38 Super load (like Corbon) will do anything the SIG will; but it takes a 1911 length action to do it. The .357 SIG fits shorter actions, some of which are just beefed up 9mm P.
I tend to agree with your picture of the marketing programs of the industry, but I don't think there is zero improvement along with the changes.
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