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1911 Colt in 38 Super

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I'm picking up a c.1933 Colt 1911 in 38 Super.

Anyone have one?
Any special thoughts?

It is semi-inherited and has not been shot much in the past 45 years.

I will have the opurtunity to shoot on Sunday, what should I look for?

Also getting a .30 caliber Luger
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This brings up something interesting to me. Why did the 357 sig come out when the 30 Luger round has been around for so long? The ballistics are almost identical, and maybe they could have done the +P treatment to the 30 Luger....? Anybody ever compare the cartridge dimensions? I dont have any data on either cases for the dimensions. This sounds like it was driven by marketing more than anything. I can imagine the board meeting at a gun company..."Gentlemen, since we've sold all the .40's we can to all the police departments, just like we did with the 9mm, lets come up with something NEW and exciting to get them to ditch the .40's!" Meanwhile, the rest of the world's police just soldiers on with .32 .380 and 9mm. Is the rest of the world just ignorant to ballistic advances or are we just so hung up on "new and improved"?

Same for 38 Super as compared to some 357 sig round ballistics. I guess I dont get it....What's the point? I would not have a problem using 38 Super as a defensive round.
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