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1911 Colt in 38 Super

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I'm picking up a c.1933 Colt 1911 in 38 Super.

Anyone have one?
Any special thoughts?

It is semi-inherited and has not been shot much in the past 45 years.

I will have the opurtunity to shoot on Sunday, what should I look for?

Also getting a .30 caliber Luger
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I think Paveway is right on the mark. I was a boy in New York State many years ago who had a few State Troopers as fishin buddies and heros. They were issued 357 mags as a revolutionary "car stopper" with the pointed armor piercing bullet. The actually CARRIED out of code lead semiwadcutters on a day to day basis. Then LE got the idea of over penetration and went to the 40, 10mm and 45. Now we are back to the high velocity 357 Sig, erroneously called the 357 "Magnum" by Glock who deny the existence of all other companies. LOTS of after market goodies sold in converting those 40's to 357 Sigs and we are right back to the high velocities again. Anyone want to bet the pendulum will swing back once again? The 38 super has been around for a LONG time and O.K. I'll give you slightly better ballistics in the 357 Sig but the deal is more marketing than it is practical. My $.02 (my second post on here). Thanks, Ed
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