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1911 Conversion Barrels

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Does anyone know of a conversion barrel that will allow a Gov't Model 1911 shoot 357sig?
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Will the barrels work in my gun that's chambered in 45ACP without any other modifications other than using 40cal mags?
You would need a 40 slide
ejector extractor, smaller firing pin
I think you get the idea...

The 45 bolt face is much wider, uses a larger firing pin, the ejector cut is in a different location, the extractor is different design...
sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just don't shoot the messanger

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So basically, in order for me to get a reliable 357sig 1911 and 45ACP 1911 gun, I would need to get another slide dedicated to the 357sig? I can then use 40cal magazines right? Is there anything else that would need to be changed or could give me problems in the frame?
Thanks for all your reponses so far.
One more question.... does a .357sig need to have a ramped barrel or will a standard barrel work. If it needs a ramped barrel, then woudln't i need to also get a ramped 45 barrel for my slide now? I've also heard that the ramped 45 barrels aren't as reliable and jam more.
Another interesting question. The answer is simple to me but maybe not to you. A 400 Cor-Bon will give you more than the Sig with only a barrel and recoil spring change. Ammo is available and you can use the same magazines that you use for your 45ACP. I have a toolhead on my Dillon 550 that changes a 45ACP case to a 400 Cor Bon in one stroke with no need for case lube. It's a very powerful cartridge and I use to hit a man size log at 400 yards with it all day long.I started with these kinds of conversions 12 years ago with the 10mm Centaur and have had more fun with these wild cats than most. They feed great, are very accurate, and you always get your brass back at the range.Think about it.
Dang, seems like EVERYBODY wants to convert their 1911 to something else.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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