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Good morning all,

1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Nighhawk Custom to offer the widest selection of full custom 1911 pistols in the USA.

Currently, we have seven full custom one of a kind NightHawk Custom 1911’s in stock and available for immediate shipment. Like all of our Manufacturing Partners, we have the unique capability of having any NightHawk Custom pistol built exactly to your specifications. Most importantly, we work one on one with each of our clients to help them have their dream gun built exactly as they want it. There is no waiting list or wait time to have your gun Kitted! Our build times should be between 4-5 months depending on options, finish and engraving.

Please check our website for all of our current NightHawk Custom inventory. We have more full custom Nighhawk Pistols on the way! If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for just give us a call and we will work with you to help you spec your perfect dream 1911 and have it built in an expedited manner.

Direct Link to our NightHawk Custom Inventory : https://www.1911customsolutions.com/NightHawk-Custom-1911-pistols-s/108.htm

Custom 1911 pistols are what we specialize in. It is the only model of pistol that we sell. Furthermore, we only sell the best of the best when it comes to custom pistols. You won’t find any production made pistols or MIM parts on ANY of our pistols that we have in inventory or have built. All of our pistols on our website may be purchased directly from our website and we will ship to your FFL Dealer of choice within 24 hours via UPS. If you happen to live in or near Houston, TX you May make an appointment at our private professional showroom located near the Galleria. We do have a brand new NightHawk Custom Falcon 5” .45acp available to test as a Demo.

Enjoy the pictures.
Adam Fendrich
Owner, 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC.
(832) 387-6003


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