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1911 hammer question

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Does the hammer on the series 80 colts have any type of "half-cock" type notch to catch it if it should fall?

Also, in a series 70 or 80, if the hammer should somehow fall with the safety ON (ie: hammer notch failure), would the hammer be physically capable of falling all of the way? I know it should catch in the half cock notch of a series 70, but I wonder if the locked sear or other parts would prevent full rotation of the hammer even without the half cock notch. Thanks
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Series 80 Colts have an intercept notch just short of the at-rest position. It is a sturdier shelf than the half-cock notch on the earlier guns, and is nearly impossible to shear off. It's the better setup of the two.

If the sear should somehow shatter, the gun may fire unless it's a Series 80 with the firing pin block. This is because there will be nothing to catch the hammer. If the thumb safety should fail, the hammer may fall, but it's only likely to if the trigger is being pulled, in which case the gun will go off anyway. A broken safety won't cause the gun to go off by itself, it simply won't prevent the gun from being fired if the trigger is pulled.

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