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Just read some posts on breakage of mim parts. Folks, I'll be frank. A number of the makers out there have cut all the corners they can. Use of mim parts/castings is prevelent. That's not all bad, but in parts that see heavy useage and contact it's not the way to go...
I'm currently replacing all the factory parts in my Stainless Commander with forged and hardened parts for that very reason. Spendy, yes, but not as failure/wear prone.
The gent that had the safety fail isn't the first. The "line" he described in undoubtedly from soldering the parts together. When done properly it works well. He's seen the results of poor jobs:-(
As much as I love the 1911, there's darn few I would trust "out of the box".
I own Les Baer, Colt, and Springfield guns. The quality of them varies. Les Baer are tight from the factory, but run 100% with good ammo. I wouldn't carry one "socially" until they have 1,000 rounds break in...why? Because they are too tight! Other than that perfect.
Springfields are generally good guns, but have some corners cut in the parts area, as does Colt.
Colt quality varies. The early series 70 and 80 guns are good, but not great. The 1991A1's good dollar value. Again, mim parts show up in the later series 80's and 1991A1's and need to be replaced if heavy usage is contemplated.
Most internals will only go 5-6K before failure or excessive wear.
All for now, it's late.
Willamette Small Arms Academy
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