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I understand (have read anyway) that the "Series 70 Conversion Shim" is not intended for long-term use. Something about either the type if steel used, the tempering, or both. I've never used them. If the FP safety works properly, why mess with it? If not, they're pretty easy to fix.

I wouldn't jump right in on a new gun and disable a safety feature**. I have a Colt Commander 70 Series and a Government Model 80 Series. Both have had a trigger job by the same gunsmith and I can't tell a difference in the trigger between the two. I agree with Rocket, if it isn't causing a problem, leave it alone.

**Unless it's an ILS in a MSH.

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Here's what I did to mine:

1. Colt recoil spring plug because I wanted the capture notch
2. Colt springs because I trust them
3. Ed Brown Hardcore slide stop because if that fails, you gots problems
4. Ed Brown arched mainspring housing because it fits my hand better with the short trigger
5. Lanyard loop by Cylinder and Slide because a 1911 needs a lanyard loop
6. GI-style plastic stocks to fit my hand better
7. Random wide-spur hammer from eBay and Wilson Combat Bulletproof sear to match
8. EGW flat-bottom firing pin stop to slow the slide velocity
9. Checkmate 7-round GI feed lip magazines because I got failure to feed from the stock magazines

Everything else is stock.

I had to fit the thumb safety to the new sear.

Of all of these changes, the only "necessary" ones are the arched mainspring housing and replacement springs. I did the rest because I felt like it, not because I needed to. I felt like building a stainless steel replica of a M1911A1, is all. So I did.

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