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1911 Seecamp Double Action conversion

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Does anyone own or have a pic of a Colt 1911 with the Seecamp double action
conversion. I remember seeing one of these at a gun show in the 1980's.
It was very unique in it's mechanics and design. Just would like to see
if there are any of these around. The one I saw years ago was a converted
USGI Colt.
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A friend of mine has a Combat Commander that was cut down to approx. Officers size, with the DA conversion, adjustable rear sight, loaded-chamber indicator, and some other mods. Cool gun. I have a gun that I built on an ODI Viking frame, which is an investment cast frame with the Seecamp "conversion" molded in. When ODI folded, Essex ended up with the tooling, and are (at least a few years ago) still selling the frames and internal parts.
There are pics of Seecamp conversions at 1911.org:


Scroll down, and click on "conversions".
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